Presentation of the study “The impact of the new provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon on youth”

The Secretary General of EFAy participated in the presentation of the study “The impact of the new provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon on youth”, held this afternoon at the European Parliament. The study was prepared by Prof.  Paolo Ponzano from the European University Institute and published by the European Youth Forum. This appealing study sheds light on the opportunities introduced by the new provisions of the Lisbon Treaty with regards to EU youth policy and the novel character given to the relationship between the European institutions and young people. Namely, article 11 of the TEU includes a new principle of participative democracy while article 165 of the TFEU promotes youth participation in democratic life in Europe. During the panel debate, moderated by Mr. Diogo Pinto, Secretary-General of the European Movement International, a brief review of the EU’s approach to youth was given, stressing all the difficulties faced on the road leading to the Lisbon Treaty. Speeches were given by Mr. Zenon Severis (Cabinet of Commissioner Vassiliou, European Commission), Mr. Giacomo Filibeck (International Department Partito Democratico, Italy), Gregory Paulger (Director for Youth and Sport, European Commission, DG EAC) and Peter Matjašič (President of the European Youth Forum).