EFAy 2012 GA in Ljouwert, Friesland!


EFAy’s 2012 GA took place on the 23-24 March in Ljouwert, Friesland. This year’s Statutory meeting was marked by fruitful and constructive political debates as well as a comprehensive discussion on the future of the EFA-EFAy relations and the structure of the growing organization. The event was attended by 29 delegates representing over 20 EFAy full and observer members. The motto that brings together this group of impressive young people is “Unity in diversity” and their enthusiasm to create a more inclusive Europe of the peoples, respectful of its cultural and linguistic diversity.

A significant part of the EFAy GA was dedicated to the discussion and voting of the proposed changes to the Statutes and Rules of Procedure, aimed at facilitating a smooth and efficient functioning of the organization. The meeting also included a discussion of the 2011 financial report and the 2011 budget proposal.

EFAy’s observer member Junge Spitzen was accepted as a full member.

The GA adopted the following 9 political resolutions:

1. “2014 – Scotland’s opportunity to move forward”- supporting a referendum on Scottish independence in autumn 2014, believing that Scotland would be best served as a normal independent country, thriving in Europe and taking its rightful place at the world’s top tables;

2. “It’s time for an end to unpaid internships” – notes that many businesses take on interns to carry out work essential to their operations without payment; recognizes that internships are made exclusive because of this practice which favors those who are able to finance themselves; considers this unfair and believes that internships should be paid positions on the principle of a fair wage for a fair days work;

3. “Language instruction competence”– requesting that the minority language instruction competence is handed to the concerned regions in order to improve the quality of education as well as the status of the minority language in the society in general;

4. Legal separation between nationality and ethnicity”– requests to put everything in effort to separate citizenship and nationality in the law , with the aim of revealing the nationality based on ethnicity in passports, ID cards and driving licenses. People may still choose if they want it visible in the documents;

5. “Urgent actuations for reopening Canfranc”– demands immediate actions to reopen Canfranc, the now-closed section of the train line between the French resort of Santa María de Olorón and Canfranc International (located in Spanish territory);

6. “EFAy rejects the ACTA-treaty” – asks the European Parliament, the Regional and National Parliaments to reject the ACTA Treaty and demands from the European Parliament to work out a legislative framework for a better protection of intellectual property, in accordance with the human and civil rights of the EU;

7. “Motion on co-official languages at the European Parliament” – supports EFA’s proposal to ask for language arrangements for co-official languages at the European Parliament;

8. Motion on Social Solidarity Economy” – supports the principles of the Social Solidarity Economy, that aims to place people at the heart of the economy and provide a better future for everyone;

9. Name Change from Cymru X to Plaid Cymru Ifanc / Plaid Cymru Youth– supports Cymru X’s renewal and its campaign for Welsh independence, including the changing of its name to Plaid Cymru Ifanc / Plaid Cymru Youth.


EFAy is glad to announce that the host of our next GA will be our member from Sud Tirol,  Junge Sud-Tiroler Freiheit!