EFAy calls to vote in favour of François Holland in the second round of the elections

The European Free Alliance Youth:

-congratulates the French presidential candidate Eva Joly for having defended regionalism, language diversity, youth and Europe in the midst of a very Jacobinistic (centralist) style campaign headed by the current president Nicolas Sarkozy;

-appreciates the very high turnout (79.47%) in the elections which clearly demonstrates the spirit of democratic fervour sweeping through France;

-worries about the high score of the far right party (around 18% of the votes); 

-calls therefore all young regionalists in France to vote in favour of François Holland in the second round of the elections. François Holland has the responsibility to end this growing support for the far right wing endorsed by the current president himself, to modernize the state with a new devolution of power including a full autonomy for the regions, to recognize the regional languages and to re-boost the economy by having a growth and jobs – oriented agenda focused on the youth population at both French and European level;

-hopes that the final results in the second round of presidential elections will turn a new page not only in French but in European politics in general, leading to a more democratic, prosperous and inclusive Europe where linguistic and cultural diversity are fully protected and promoted.