Plaid Cymru election results

By Plaid Cymru Youth

The local elections on the 3rd of May were difficult for Plaid Cymru. The Labour party did well, winning 231 more councillors throughout Wales bringing their total to 576. All parties lost out to the Labour wave – Independents became the second largest formation in Welsh local government, winning 313 seats, down 63 from 2008. Plaid Cymru stayed in third position with a total of 158 councillors, down 41 from 2008. Plaid Cymru is the largest party in Camarthenshire, Ceredigion and Gwynedd. We will need to look to govern in coalition in these councils, like we did in Caerffili during the past four years. We form the official opposition in Neath Port Talbot, Caerffili (where we lost control of the council to the Labour Party) and Rhondda Cynon Taf. We held our ground in the Vale of Glamorgan, (6) Pembrokshire, (5) Bridgend, (1) Torfaen, (1), Flintshire (1) Swansea (1) and Conwy (12). In areas where Labour are traditionally strong, we lost support, but we were able to hold ground and improve in areas where Conservatives, Independents or Lib Dems are traditionally the party of choice. Unfortunately, many people voted on London issues, not on the local issues that we pushed during our campaign. Turnout was generally low, around 37% in most areas.

However, there are some silver linings to the gray clouds of the election night! Plaid Cymru Youth was able to field more candidates than ever before, with young candidates being fielded in seats across Europe. Stunning successes were had in Trebannws, (Neath Port Talbot), where a young candidate, Beca Lewis, bucked the national trend and gained the seat from the Labour Party. 23 year old Mair Roberts in Bangor, Gwynedd was also able to take a seat from the Lib Dems. She becomes our youngest councillor!

Comprehensive Welsh council results

Party      Councils
  Total +/-
Total +/-
LAB 10  8 576 +231
PC 0 -1 158 -41
CON 0 -2 105 -61
LD 0  0 71 -66
IND 2 -2 313 -63
NOC 9 -3    


After 21 of 21 councils declared