Congratulations to Paul Molac, the first autonomist deputy in the French Assembly!

By Roccu GAROBY, EFAy President

EFAy warmly congratulates the UDB and the UDB Youth for the historic election of Paul Molac, the first autonomist deputy in the French Assembly. This victory is a huge step forward for R&PS[1] and a clear signal that the time for huge devolution, including the legislative and the fiscal power, in the most centralized state in Europe has come.

In the very jacobinist and centralist French Republic the election is very difficult for the autonomist parties due to the specific electoral system, a majority system in 2 rounds.

The UDB could expect a member because of the agreement with the French Greens and the Socialist Party which gave a chance to win a seat in the French Assembly for the first time.

Moreover, Molac’s election is also great news because he managed to beat the son of Mr Guéant, the former Minister of Interior and a close friend of Mr Sarkozy who used to derive regularly from the far-right.

For the first time in history, the autonomists are represented at all political levels from the local councils, to the regional and territorial assemblies, up to the French Assembly (Paul Molac) and the European Parliament (François Alfonsi).

We wish the best for Mr Molac and the UBD and we hope that devolution and cultural rights are going to be put at the forefront of the political agenda.


[1] R&PS: Région et Peuples Solidaire is a federation of regionalist, autonomist, and pro-democratic nationalist parties in the French Republic. It may be considered as the French version of the European Free Alliance.