The Nobel Peace Prize: A recognition and a warning to the European Union

EFAy believes that the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the EU should be an inspiration for the Union to be more mindful whilst making its decisions and taking actions as well as to remain true to its core democratic principles and values. It is undeniable that since its foundation until today the Union has done a lot of work for advancing peace in Europe but it is also true that the current situation is far from ideal and concrete urgent actions are needed in order to prevent the violation of human rights and to eliminate the widespread structural and cultural violence. Therefore, the prize should remind the Union of the need to further advance the rights of minorities and stateless nations, to respect and preserve its cultural and linguistic diversity as well as to fight against the rising xenophobia and violence against migrants and members of the LGBT community. It is also a call to deal with the economic crisis in an alternative way, promote inclusion and social justice and create more job opportunities for young people because they are the key drivers of change in our societies.