EFAy General Assembly in Santiago de Compostela

The EFAy General Assembly of 13 to 15 February 2014 was held in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. Our hosts were EFAy member Galiza Nova and their mother party, EFA member, BNG. Around 40 participants from 20 parties gathered to make various decisions regarding EFAy. In a followup of last year’s successful trial, the GA was held once again jointly together with EFA and CMC.

Photo of the 2014 GA participants

EFA/EFAy/CMC delegates at the 2014 joint General Assembly

In view of the 2014 elections for the European Parliament, EFAy worked hard to create its own political manifesto. The Bureau members, in cooperation with the EFAy members, wrote the manifesto over the last year, since the General Assembly of 2013 in Meran. Topics covered in the manifesto include youth issues, socio-economics, human rights, self-determination, language, culture, and Europe of course. During the GA, the manifesto was heavily debated, and adopted by unanimity of members. You can find the manifesto on our website shortly.

A standard part of the GA is to discuss motions and declarations tabled by the members. Thanks to our prolific members, this year was an extremely fruitful year for EFAy in this regard, with 6 motions and 9 declarations discussed and consequently adopted. You can find the full texts of the motions and declarations here.

Regarding membership issues of EFAy, we are very pleased to announce our newest observer member, Unga Tjóðveldið from the Faroe Islands. We hope to work together with them closely in the future. In addition, one of our observer members, Bloc Jove, was approved as full member of EFAy.

Finally, the Bureau composition was approved by the GA in the Bureau elections, extending the position of the current members by another two years. Roccu Garoby was reelected as President.

EFAy looks forward to a productive year. The European elections come closer and closer, and we are optimistically looking ahead to the independence referendums to be held later this year in Catalonia and Scotland. EFAy will be part of a new Europe, a Europe of the Peoples!