News articles from EFAy President Roccu Garoby

EFAy President Roccu Garoby, recently elected for his second period of presidency by the General Assembly in Santiago de Compostela, has been active in voicing the viewpoints of EFAy in various articles.

Photo of EFAy President Roccu Garoby

EFAy President Roccu Garoby

In an interview with Arritti, the press organisation of our Corsican member party PNC Ghjuventù (mother party PNC), he speaks about what EFAy is and the situation of Corsica and self-determination in France.

On the recent situation in the Crimea, he speaks about what self-determination means and how to go about achieving it, condemning the circumstances surrounding the referendum that was held in the Crimea.

Finally, with regard to the political manifesto adopted by the General Assembly of EFAy in Santiago de Compostela, Roccu speaks about the generation self-determination, the youth of Europe. Looking at the current situation that European youth find themselves in, EFAy calls for stronger youth policies and for awareness of youth with regard to self-determination.