No far-right parliamentary group

The European Free Alliance Youth is pleased to announce that there will be no far-right group in the European Parliament.


Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch party PVV, stated that they failed to make a parliamentary group together with Marine Le Pen from the French Front National, Austria’s Freedom Party, Italy’s Lega Nord, and Belgium’s Vlaams Belang. To form a parliamentary group they needed members from at least seven EU Member-States.

EFA Youth wishes to express its delight that the efforts to form a far-right group have failed. It is only proof that far-right and extremist parties are unable to make alliances due to their strong disagreement with others and the refusal of other MEPs to accept extremist positions. It is clear that parties such as the ones trying to form this far-right group do not offer constructive solutions, but only create discord and disagreement.

The European Free Alliance Youth will continue to resist far-right positions and extremist views on Europe. We fight for an inclusive and integrated Europe based on the self-determination of its peoples.

Democracy is at the heart of our principles, and we will strive to make a true Europe of the Peoples.