Democracy behind the European Commission

The European Free Alliance Youth regards the steps taken so far to appoint a president of the European Commission as mostly positive. In our previous articles on the matter, we have reflected our opinion that the democratic principles of the European Union should be respected.

Regarding the position of president of the European Commission, there are several developments to consider. The candidate put forward by the European Council is Jean-Claude Juncker. In a twist of normal procedure, the European Council appointed him by vote, instead of the normal procedure of consensus. Voting against his appointment were Prime Ministers Cameron and Orban.

EC Front

As it stands, Mr Juncker’s appointment will be put to a vote in the European Parliament on 16th of July, where he has to gain a majority of votes to be accepted, 376 out of 751 votes. His own party, the EPP, currently has 221 seats in the European Parliament, including MEPs from Orban’s party, Fidesz. This means that in order for him to be elected, Mr Juncker will need to gather more seats. In order to achieve this, he will have to meet with other groups to discuss and negotiate a programme to present to the European Parliament before the vote. For the European Free Alliance Youth, our position is clear. We have three main priorities which we need Mr Juncker to resolve.

Our first priority is a positive view on self-determination. To respect democracy is to respect self-determination and the will of the people. We need Mr Juncker to express his position on this matter and the current developments in Europe, specifically with regard to the Scottish and Catalan referendums. Our second priority is the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity. We need the EU to respect the rights of minorities and unrepresented nations. Our third priority is tackling youth unemployment. We want Mr Juncker to present his specific proposals to combat the rampant youth unemployment in Europe, especially in the South.

The European Free Alliance Youth is looking forward to hearing Mr Junckers opinions and views on these matters.