EFAy congratulates Martin Schulz for his second term as EP President

The European Free Alliance Youth wishes to congratulate Martin Schulz for being elected for a second term as President of the European Parliament. This marks the first occasion that an EP President is re-elected, and we congratulate Mr Schulz for making the EP a more visible institution.

Despite differences in political views, we do not share the view that his election for a second term as President marks the establishment of a ‘grand coalition’ between the S&D and EPP parties, or that his candidacy was put forward as a result of negotiations to appease both the CDU and SPD. We would like to highlight our criticism of such a coalition and reiterate our disappointment that not a more progressive candidate for the Commission was agreed upon by the progressive forces within the Parliament.

European Parliament

From the European Free Alliance Youth, we hope that Mr Schulz can deliver on several issues. First of all, Mr Schulz has on two separate occasions committed to improve multilingualism with the European Parliament, following two questions put forward by EFA MEP Jill Evans: once during his first election period, and for a second time last week. We insist that results have to be seen before the end of this second mandate.

EFAy would also like to draw attention to two campaign themes pursued by Mr Schulz, namely the fight against tax evasion and the fight against youth unemployment. Together with the President of the European Commission, Mr Schulz needs to tackle the tax evasion of € 1000 billion per year in the EU and deliver on real measures to improve youth employment in Europe.

In his second term as EP President, Mr Schulz is democratically accountable and responsible to follow up on campaign issues and EFAy urges him to make strides in further developing the general democratic accountability and representation of the EU institutions.