EFAy congratulates François Alfonsi as new president of EFA

The Bureau of the European Free Alliance has unanimously elected François Alfonsi as new president of the European Free Alliance party.

François Alfonsi was Member of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2014, representing the Partitu di a Nazione Corsa, the PNC from Corsica, on the Europe Ecologie list. One of his greatest successes in the European Parliament was the adoption of his report on the support of endangered languages, adopted with a large majority (92%) in 2013.

François Alfonsi

In the EP he was also co-chair of the Intergroup on Traditional Minorities, National Communities and Languages, and an active member of the Basque Peace Process group.

Within the EFA Bureau he was already active since 2005 as vice-president and treasurer. Following his election as president, Lorena Lopez de Lacalle will now fulfil the post of treasurer of the EFA party.

François Alfonsi stated: “I see it as my task to work with a good understanding and in full co-operation with all 40 member parties of the EFA party. Also a co-operation both inside and outside the European Parliament with other political actors favouring self-determination will prove to be important in order to build a better Europe, a Europe of the peoples. Thirty three years ago my party signed a declaration founding the European Free Alliance as did the N-VA (VU), who until today chaired EFA. I will be particularly proud to continue Eric Defoort’s work and the EFA tradition to represent those who are unrepresented in Europe.”

The new president of the EFA Group in the EP, Josep Maria Terricabras, stated: “The EFA Group in the European Parliament will work in a good synergy with the EFA party led by one of our most active MEP’s in the past mandate of the European Parliament.”

François Alfonsi follows Eric Defoort as president. Eric Defoort will continue as member of the Bureau, and he stated: “As member of the EFA Bureau I will work together with François Alfonsi. I particularly valued his work in the past legislative period as the MEP who defended Corsica, the stateless nations in France, and the endangered languages in Europe.”

From the European Free Alliance Youth, we wish Mr Alfonsi the best of luck in his new position as president. We thank him for the cooperation so far and we are sure we will continue to work together in good spirits. We are sure that together we can bring the EFA family to new successes.