EFAy welcomes the end of military action of the FLNC

The European Free Alliance Youth is very glad to hear that the FLNC, the National Liberation Front of Corsica, has announced a permanent and unconditional ceasefire and opens the door for a political and sustainable solution for both the Corsican people and the Corsican democracy. EFAy welcomes links drawn to the peace processes of Northern Ireland and the Basque Country, and hopes Corsica can move forward to a peaceful resolution after years of violence.

This historic decision requires a historic answer from the French state which has to recognise the new Corsican situation and accept the Corsican people’s will to be self-determined. The Corsican nation is willing to create a society that is both inclusive and sustainable, as evidenced from election results such as those in the city of Bastia. The Corsican people have expressed their will to move forward and more autonomy for Corsica is where this road leads.

In particular we want to draw attention to the Corsican youth, who represent the generation self-determination, and who have a big role to play on a political level, locally, nationally, as well as on a European level. Demonstrations in Corsica, such as one organised in Bastia on 10 May, prove that the Corsican youth are vocal and passionate about these issues.

The European Free Alliance Youth believes the developments in Corsica, from the FLNC announcing a permanent ceasefire to the Corsican youth being politically engaged, in combination with political shifts signal that Corsica is ready to move forward.