EFAy fully supports the call for a Catalan consultation on independence

One month before the planned Catalan consultation on independence the situation is unclear. EFA Youth demands that the Spanish state recognises the right of the Catalan people to decide on their own future and not only to allow the consultation to take place, but to support it as a matter of principle.

Over the past weeks, the context of the Catalan independence consultation has changed dramatically. The day after the Scottish Independence Referendum, the Catalan Assembly, according to Catalan law, called officially for the consultation to take place on 9 November, the decree for which was signed by the Catalan government.

In reaction, the Spanish state took the matter before the Constitutional Court, which produced a 100 page document within 1 hour which suspended the Catalan law and as a consequence illegalised the planned consultation. Any further planning or preparation of the consultation was also deemed illegal. From this massive quick response by the Constitutional Court, it is clear that this decision was clearly prepared and biased.

In contrast, the Scottish Independence Referendum was held in agreement between the Scottish and UK governments. The Scottish people were supported in their ability to vote on their own future as a nation, and the UK government respected their democratic right to hold such a referendum. The stance of the Rajoy government must be seen in this light as an utterly undemocratic vision.

volem votar

EFA Youth stands with the people of Catalonia, more than 80% of whom want the consultation to be held. In addition, the law and decree on the consultation were supported by 93% of the local councils of Catalonia. The organised and constructive will of the people cannot simply be tossed aside. Democracy cannot be illegalised. The Catalan voice cannot be silenced. EFA Youth stands with its member party JERC and their efforts to let the Catalan voice be heard.

EFA Youth cannot suffer the fact that a non-binding consultation, based on a legal framework supported by a large majority of both the political and civil society of Catalonia, is ignored without merit. The right to self-determination is a basic human right which the people of Catalonia cannot be denied.

EFA Youth demands that the Spanish state allows and supports the right to decide of the Catalan people and the right of the Catalan government to organise a consultation on the independence of Catalonia.