EFAy congratulates N-VA and Jong N-VA

EFAy would like to congratulate the N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) with her electoral success and participation in the regional and federal government.

The N-VA, founding member of EFA, went to the elections with a new model for the Belgian state in the form of confederalism. This model would allow the regions to solve their own problems in their own way and with their own means, within the Belgian state that the majority of the Belgian people are not ready to give up just yet, despite the regional differences and the costs that come with the existent federal model.

The New Flemish Alliance, already the largest party in Belgium since the Federal elections of 2010, booked another great electoral success in the Regional as well as the Federal elections in May. They now have 43 out of 124 seats in the Flemish parliament (+27) and 33 out of 150 seats in federal parliament (+6). In Belgium, one can only vote for candidates of one’s own region in the Federal elections, meaning that the N-VA obtained its 33 seats in Flanders and Brussels only.

The N-VA successfully formed the Flemish government in July, delivering the Minister-President, Geert Bourgeois, as well as 3 Flemish Ministers. Recently the N-VA also joined the federal government with another 3 Ministers and 2 Secretaries of State.

EFAy wants to congratulate the N-VA, who had the youngest lists of candidates during the elections and now has 3 MP’s that are below 30 years of age, on her successes and wishes them a lot of success governing Belgium and Flanders in the next 5 years.