Catalan self-determination: A matter of democracy

For the second time in a month, the Spanish constitutional court has unanimously suspended the independence vote of 9 November.

Firstly, the Constitutional Court accepted on October 10 to file the two Spanish Government’s appeals against the originating self-determination vote decree and the Catalan Parliament’s law upon which it was based. This decision automatically represented the temporary suspension of the law and the decree.

As a response, the Catalan government decided unilaterally to change the legal framework of the 9th of November independence vote, from a “consultation”, to a “participative process”. The main difference is that the “participative process” is being organised by volunteers, and doesn’t give any democratic mandate to the Catalan government in order to declare independence.

Today, 4th of November, the constitutional court has accepted the Spanish Goverment appeal against the new “participative process”. The court therefore calls for the suspension of all administrative acts, the institutional campaign, any indications to volunteers or any act to encourage participation, in addition to the logistics of the operation. Nevertheless, the answer from the Catalan government has been to carry on with the preparations of the referendum in order to vote on the 9th of November, and to disobey the suspension of the “participative process”.

The European Free Alliance Youth, as a democratic youth organisation, appeals the European and international community to intercede for the Catalan people who freely and democratically want to express their opinion about their own future. We condemn the biased and non-democratic use of the Spanish court system by the central government, which wants to transform a political conflict into a legal conflict. The rule of law can’t be used to silence the wishes of the people, and that’s why we can’t accept this kind of behaviour from an EU member state. Finally, we support the Catalan people in their wish for independence, and we encourage the Catalan population to vote in the poll next Sunday.