EFAy pleased with EP support for recognition of Palestine

On 17 December, the European Parliament voted in favour to support in principle recognition of the Palestinian state and a two-state solution, by 498 votes in favour, 88 against, and 111 abstentions.

EFAy supports the vote as an important step in the relations with Palestine. Any solution to the issue must go hand in hand with peace talks and the complete cessation of violence. The support comes not as a surprise with recent development in Europe, with most recently Sweden formally recognising the Palestinian state in October. Other European states are in similar processes to increase international recognition of Palestine.

As self-determination is a core tenet of EFAy, a Palestinian state would accommodate the will of the Palestinian people. A process of self-determination must nevertheless be made in a democratic and peaceful way. In the case of Israel and Palestine, international cooperation is important to ensure positive outcomes.

EFAy maintains that human rights of all peoples must be respected and any progress for peace is welcomed.