EFAy wishes the FNP luck in the Frisian elections tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday 18 March, provincial elections will be held in the Netherlands. In Fryslân, the Fryske Nasjonale Partij (FNP) is campaigning for seats in the Frisian provincial parliament. Last weekend, the European Free Alliance sent a delegation to Fryslân to assist in the campaign efforts.

The EFA delegation joined the FNP team, with Johannes Kramer and Corlienke de Jong, numbers one and two on the list, on their campaigning activities throughout Fryslân.

A key issue playing at the moment is that of damage to property and the environment, caused by mining activities in the province. The EFA delegation went on a working visit to witness damages to public and private buildings caused by nearby salt and gas exploitation. The thorny underlying issue is that of the burden of proof, which currently lies with the citizens; as it is a very costly and timeconsuming process to receive compensation, if any is awarded at all, the FNP strives for a reversal of the burden of proof to lay the responsibility with the operators of the mining activities.

The main electoral slogan used by the FNP this election is “Minder Den Haach, Mear Fryslân”, meaning “Less The Hague, More Fryslân”. This slogan refers to the fact that the FNP wants more decentralisation of powers to move more decision-making powers from the centralised Dutch government to the regional governments. Decisions over environmental, cultural, educational and linguistic issues, for example, should be made on a regional level where the people benefit the most.

The European Free Alliance Youth wishes the FNP the best of luck in the elections tomorrow!