EFAy calls for progress after Israeli elections

In the Israeli elections of 17 March, incumbent Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party comes out as winner with 30 seats in preliminary unofficial results, up from 18 in the previous Knesset. Coalition building attempts are made by both Netanyahu and the opposition.

The European Free Alliance Youth respects the democratic will of the people of Israel. However, EFAy wants to call attention to the recent worrying statements by Netanyahu in the election campaign. When asked about the establishment of a Palestinian state, he said that this would not happen under his watch if re-elected as Prime Minister. The preliminary results of the election indicate that it is possible for Netanyahu to continue as Prime Minister of Israel.


EFAy calls upon the Israeli leaders to avoid additional turbulences. A statement such as those by Netanyahu accusing Arab Israelis of voting in “droves” must be condemned as vilifying those who are exercising their democratic right as citizens. Despite Netanyahu’s prior statements, we hope the new Israeli government will reengage in a dialogue that leads to a viable and mutually acceptable solution.

EFAy believes in the right to self-determination, the right of peoples to decide upon their own future. The two-state solution of Israel and Palestine respects the right of both peoples, and EFAy demands that the international community makes sure a peaceful process is followed in the Middle-East.