Andalusian elections on Sunday 22 March

On Sunday 22 March, the Andalusian parliamentary elections will be held. For EFA and EFAy, member party Partido Andalucista (EFAy member Juventudes Andalucistas) will stand in these elections.

Internal polls show that the party might return to the parliament after a 7 year absence, marking a increase in the recognition of the need for the protection of Andalusian interests and taking a stand against Spanish state politics.

juventudes andalucistas1

It is clear that the Spanish state doesn’t take note of the issues going on in Andalusia. Real solutions for the high unemployment rate and subsequent forced youth emigration in search of work have not been put forward. For the Partido Andalucista, this is a major topic and they believe it is high time to fix the issue on a national level. Connected to the economic issues plaguing the region is social rent, allowing people to pay a reasonable rent while having the right to sufficient housing.

Corruption and transparency of government are additional points of importance campaigned by the Partido Andalucista, to end inequality, and, from the point of view of the Juventudes Andalucistas, increase youth participation in politics.

EFAy wishes the party all the best in the elections this Sunday!