Youth Employment Initiative: Positive step toward a smoother program but no additional funds to tackle youth unemployment

EFAy, as a Youth organisation, welcomes the Commission amendment regulation on the European Social Fund, approved today in Strasbourg, which is aimed to increase the pre-financing amount that the European Union gives to the member States in order to fund different programmes to tackle the youth unemployment. This measure will suppose an increase up to 30 % in the initial contribution that the Commission grants to the States (before that, it was only a 1%). However this modification is a missed opportunity to increase the very limited budget dedicated to tackle EU youth unemployment (€ 6 billion over the next 7 years for the entire European Union).

Nevertheless, we consider this measure as a final call to the Member States of Europe that don’t take seriously their commitments with the young people who are suffering the worst part of this economic crisis and who, despite the never ending talking about the problems they face, are losing their hopes to find a better future in Europe. We think that in the local debate but also in the European Union, the youth unemployment has become something less than a cliché that is repeated over and over again but is not effectively addressed. We request the governments of the member states and to the Union itself to stop talking and start to do something to settle this problem, which is one of the main priorities that the European Union has to deal with now. We can’t wait any longer.