Migration in EU: Shame on you France, UK and Spain!

EFAy condemns the narrow-minded and selfish opposition from France, the UK and Spain to the European Commission’s proposal to deliver a first and concrete answer to the EU-wide challenge on the migrants coming into the EU, and the support that now that refusal to coordinate efforts is enjoying from the governments of Estonia, Czech Republic and Poland.
Following today’s debate in the European Parliament, EFAy is convinced that the European Commission’s proposal on Migration is far from being perfect, it’s not strong enough and should have been much more generous. But EFAy stresses and recognizes that this proposal is a complete U-turn from the European Union, notably the key element of having member states’ quotas for migrants arriving in the EU. For once, Bruxelles has proposed a concrete plan to start fight against smugglers and to define a sustainable solution for the migrants, especially the asylum seekers.

France, the UK and Spain, and also Czech Republic, Estonia and Poland, are keen to talk about solidarity and humanity in their speeches but then refuse to act according to them when a concrete plan is put forward. Thus, from now on they must be considered accountable for the future foreseeable catastrofees which will happen in the Mediterranean sea.

Furthermore, by refusing the European executive’s proposal whithout a proper and in-depth debate, those member states have proved that the European Union of states based on the unanimity is a complete failure and must be urgently reformed to move towards a more democratic and devolved European Union, a more fair European Union based on more solidarity and humanity towards the population migrating toward Europe.