David Grosclaude’s hunger strike: A huge victory for the Occitan people!

EFAy congratulates David Grosclaude for his courageous and successful battle against the last threat in the French state’s obsession for centralisation.

After more than a week of hunger strike, the President of Partit Occitan fully succeeded to force the government of Paris to implement a democratic consultation asking the citizens of Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénnées -two regions representing the western part of Occitania- whether if they are in favour to set up a Public office for the Occitan language.

Moreover, his though fight has been even more useful as the answer from the French Government went further than to let the Occitan people vote for an Occitan office. Indeed, due to the fact that the action of Grosclaude attracted a broad popular support, Paris committed itself to take part both technically and financially to build that office making it “more efficient and financially more robust”.

That means definitely a very great success for David Grosclaude, the Partit Occitan, the whole Occitan people and its future generations.

However, EFAy won’t forget that the French government has to fulfil the obligations that now has with the Occitan people. We expect that they will satisfy this agreement without any further delay, especially in the light of the ratification of the European charter for regional and Minority languages that François Hollande promised to make effective during his 2012 campaign.