Greek-EU crisis: EFAy urges EU leaders to come to a fair deal for Greece and the EU


Today, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, has come to the European Parliament for the very first time, to debate with the MPS about the Greek situation. We welcome this first public European debate on the Greek crisis which has become de facto an EU crisis.

The EU leaders shall respect the vote the Greek people and come to a fair deal without any delay to help Greece to stay in the Eurozone and to get out of the crisis. It is also their responsibility to stabilize the euro in order to relaunch the economy but tackling the high unemployment that Europe is suffering and helping the governments, as the Greek, to fight against poverty. Only this way, Europe will be available to bring democracy back at the heart of the EU project.

No one can contest that Greece must be reformed to get rid of the clientelism and corruption that was established by previous governments, creating a modern and functioning public administration and setting up a new and sustainable welfare state. Nevertheless, we should not forget the responsibilities of the other EU member states and anybody should deny the disastrous economic and social consequences of the austerity measures implemented since 2009.

In this sense, although either the government of Greece and the EU have part of the responsibility, we must consider that in any situation the strongest, in this case, the creditors (European Commission, EU leaders, ECB, FMI), have a bigger share of the responsibility and a greater role to play to find the way out of the problem. EFAy would like also to point out the fact that throughout the 20th century, all EU member states have benefited from a debt relief (Russian loans in 1917, London conference in 1953, the use of inflation…) either unilaterally or commonly agreed. Thus EFAy urges the EU leaders to come to an EU long-term solution on the public debt, including the Greek one, which has become unsustainable.

Keeping in mind also that spirit of the protection of the weaker against the stronger, we urge the government of Tsipras to set a radically different profile than its predecessor and respect the minorities living in Greece, as the Macedonian and the Turkish communities.

EFAy is convinced that today the EU is at the crossroad. We have the choice between a new Treaty of Versailles (1919) which led to a collective suicide in Europe or a new Treaty of Rome (1957) which has been the basis for a new collective prosperity amongst European peoples.