State Populism: The re-emergence of Far-right in Europe


State Populism! The re-emergence of the Far Right in Europe

workshop in South-Tyrol organised by EFA, EFAy and STF

29th of April-1st of May 2016

All European democrats are living with alarm how a “new” or re-built far-right is raising again across the continent. Although this new phenomenon takes a different form in every state and region, they react to the same problems: governments’ incapacity to deal with diversity, the idea that there is a limit to HHRR and the people’s need for a forceful and graphic response to their fears for terrorism.

In this event held in South-Tyrol we will assess questions as how far-right “has gone mainstream”, how the discourse of “security over freedom” is winning support in a post-authoritarian Europe and how the left has addressed and should address this re-emergence.

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