EFAy has a new Bureau!

(from right to left and up-down: Roccu Garoby, Fflur Arwel, Tór Marni, Zacharias Kalm, Max Zañartu, Adrián Fuentes, Gerard Bona and Lena Kolter)


Max Zañartu / President  -JERC (Catalan Countries) EFAypresident@efay.eu

-Lead the political line

-Responsible for external relations

-Conducting meetings

-Staff issues


Gerard Bona / Secretary General and Coordinator – JERC (Catalan Countries) coordinator@efay.eu

-Internal organisation and daily management

-Events and statutory meetings

-Contact with members

-Treasury and secretary tasks

-Daily social media


Roccu Garoby / Treasurer and Vice-president for EU affairs – Partitu di à Nazione Corsa (Corsica) treasurer@efay.eu

-Budget and financial control

-EU political and institutional activity

-Contact with the Greens/EFA group


Fflur Arwel / Communications Officer and Vice-president for Gender and LGBT+ Rights – Plaid Cymru Ifanc (Wales) gender.lgbt@efay.eu

-Articles, blog and newsletter

-Gender, feminism and LGBT+ issues


Adrián Fuentes / Vice-president for International Affairs – Gazte Abertzaleak (Basque country) international@efay.eu

-Non-EU affairs


Tór Marni Weihe / Vice-president for Empowerment and Participation – Unga Tjóðveldið (Faroe Islands) empowerment.participation@efay.eu

-Local and regional policies

-Direct democracy and new mechanisms of participation


Lena Kolter / Vice-president for Youth and Activism – Enotna Lista (Carinthia) youth.activism@efay.eu

-European Youth policies

-Relations with Youth-related organisations

-Social movements, activism, demonstrations, NGO’s


Zacharias Kalm / Executive Member for Campaigns and Training – Ålands Framtid (Åland Islands)  campaigns@efay.eu         

-Social media campaings

-Electoral support

-Framing and promotion of EFAy activities

-Training seminars