Message from Sanca Veneta to all EFAy Members

sanca veneta

Dear all,

We want to express our great satisfaction for our invitation to join the works of the General Assembly of EFAy. We are especially pleased with the admission of Sanca Veneta, the progressive movement for Venetian right to decide, into the youth section of the European Free Alliance.

This rewards years of intense work in which we have been able to establish ourselves as a key-player in the debate over self government in Veneto. It rewards the efforts of our activists who have always been incredibly motivated in the hard task of creating and articulating the first real progressive alternative for a self governed Veneto. Our biggest thanks go to them.

As for our experience in Ajaccio, we felt comfortable and genuinely embraced from the first moment. We realized how diverse but yet similar we are. Most importantly, we comprehended how the principles and values which animate us are shared all over the continent. We have been extremely impressed by the genuine and positive passion of the members of EFAy towards our common goal: self determination.

We firmly believe that the admission of Sanca Veneta in EFAy proves that a new era is coming for Venetian politics and the Venetians’ right to decide. It surely is for Sanca Veneta, which finally finds   like-minded movements to interact with. This gives us even more motivation to carry on spreading our positive message for self government around Veneto.

As for our future in EFAy, we are committed to be a pro-active and progressive force. We want to humbly learn from the experiences of our European partners and to bring a Venetian perspective on the hot topics for Europe and its peoples.

We warmly thank the Bureau of EFAy and all its members for accepting Sanca Veneta into this honourable organisation and we look forward to work together and strengthen our relations and ideals.


Stefano Zambon / Vice-president and International affairs responsible