Feminism on the Peripheries of Europe




Europe and the world as a whole is structurally and institutionally unequal with gender inequality being one of the most important socio-economic issues we face and one of the greatest inequalities that lies at the heart of almost every society.

Our conference would aim to be as inclusive and extensive as possible by focusing on various topics that falls under Feminism. We would seek to deconstruct the myths that still plague Feminism as a movement and as an ideology. Crucially, we would look at women and the economy – the outrageous gender pay gap, the invisible ‘domestic’ economy as well as women’s role in public life and the political sphere – both in conventional politics and activism.

It is also imperative to recognise the importance of intersectionality between gender, race, class, and sexuality amongst a wide range of other factors) in understanding feminism.

This seminar, the third edition of a series of conferences organised by EFAy and Maurits Coppieters Foundation (CMC) since 2013, follows on the heels of its predecessors by debating, each year, one of the main pillars of EFAy’s political manifesto. The event always introduces a book edited by the two organisations which gathers different articles from young scholars and activists from all parts of Europe, discussing that year’s topic.

Each writer produces his/her piece in English and his/her native language, contributing once more to the visibility of European multilingualism and the combination of internationalism and local culture.

Once the book is produced, the Organisation Committee, comprised by EFAy officials and hosts, selects the best articles in the book (in terms of quality, originality and geographical balance). The selected writers are then invited to elaborate more on their point in a face-to-face discussion in a  conference in Cardiff, Wales 25-26th of June, which consists of an open dialogue between them and the audience.

The event also includes the participation of senior experts on the topic of discussion, who provide us with a deeper insight on the state of play of the topic in Europe in broader terms.

Organised by: Plaid Cymru Ifanc, EFAy and the Centre Maurits Coppieters.

Registration link: http://bit.ly/1U0WeBR