Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Ireland: We need you in the EU…to change it!


Dear Welsh, Scots, Irish and Cornish peoples,

On June 23rd, you will have one of the most important decisions to take in your lifetime. This decision will shape your generation’s future but it will also shape other European nations’ future because your choice will affect our relationship. And we want you to remain in the European Union because you are our closest allies, our strongest partners and our best friends.

Firstly we should never forget that for a very long time, our continent has been a theatre where wars and violence were the normal way to behave amongst European states and our stateless nations, regions and minorities were the first victims of those conflicts either because they took place in our lands our because we were forced to join the battlefield even against our will.

How many of our grandfathers died during those bloody wars? How many of our grandmothers became widows because of absurd decisions from our respective centralised states? How many of our parents became orphans because their own parents were forced to join a conflict our nations did not want to participate to? Too many! And it shall never happen again!

Being a member of the European Union, the first European peaceful union since centuries, has protected our stateless nations from useless, violent and dreadful -sometimes even imperialistic- conflicts and wars decided by central governments. This achievement shall never been forgotten, even by our young generation.

But that’s not enough. We want more than living in a peaceful European Union, we want to be able to live together, to work with each other, to learn from each other. We don’t want to remain in the EU as it stands we want a fundamental reform of it and we need you to do it.

We, the young generation of the minorities, the regions and stateless nations of this continent, strive for another European Union. A European Union where democracy is a cornerstone, where social justice is a mantra, where diversity is unquestionable.

We believe in a European Union where every single citizen can find his/her own place and see his/her rights respected and strengthened because each time it is not the case, our humanity loses its credibility.

We believe in a European Union where every single people has the right to decide its own future because each time self-determination is not respected, democracy is weakened.

We believe in a European Union where every single language and culture is respected as part of the European cultural mosaic because each time a language or a culture dies or is discriminated, the global cultural heritage is impoverished.

We need you to reshape the EU, we need you to remain in the EU, and we need you, siding with us, in order to create this European Union we want to live in: the ‘‘Europe of Peoples’’. And we won’t be able to do it without you.

On June 23, in line with our common and shared values and because the diversity which unites us is our greatest strength, please, vote remain and from June 24 on, because we are stronger in, we want another Europe and we are the future, let’s start building that dream altogether.

EFAy Bureau