Success of Breaking Barriers study session in Budapest


Last 22-25th August, the European Free Allince Youth (EFAy) together with the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) and the Left Youth of Finland (Vasemmistonuoret) organised a study session together with the Council of Europe (CoE). Under the title of “Breaking Barriers: Youth Perspectives on Migration”, the 4 days workshop aimed to develop new narratives on asylum seeking and migration, and provide tools for local activists.
The study session was divided into seven blocks: First-hand experiences, academia, media and communication, activism, gender and LGTBIQAP+, youth and education, and shelter cities. The programme also included a visit to the refugee centre of unaccompanied minors in Fót, which was finally cancelled by decision of the Hungarian government.
Around forty assistants coming from different nations and backgrounds participated in the activities, which included experts presentations and non-formal education workshops. Participants could also share their direct and indirect experiences on migration and asylum seeking as activists or victims of war, repression and displacement.
This study session is another step of the European Free Alliance Youth to build new narratives on migration and asylum-seeking from the stateless nations, regions and minorities perspectives. Our oppressed territories must lead by example in the promotion of respect and mutual understanding between different cultures and religions.