Arrival on an easy truck. More than 130 km drove three generations, 7 people escaping from their mother nation. However, there is no more place in the camp, all tents are taken. The family would be prepared to move on to Turkey, if they where allowed to. But Turkey is not able to house some more refugees. And so always more refugees are waiting at the Syrian borders, housed in past inch factories.

This is the cruel truth. The war in Syria did not stop, terrorists and regime soldiers are killing the residents. And more and more refugees will flee over the Mediterranean Sea.

Germany is generous – almost everybody who crosses the border, if he or she makes it, is allowed to stay. But Europe is closing the last place of refuge for those people, who want to turn to a safe place. I am talking about the European cynicism, which is a table for guests, full of delicacy, but the doors are well guarded and hard barred.

And in which direction is the European Union working? It seems, that they are moving straight into the other way! The actions of the European Union against the refugees are getting even more intensive, especially form the European agency Frontex. Organisations for human rights and groups of refugees are criticizing Frontex, Nato and other safety forces, for not helping refugees, which are while escape exposed to the danger oft the sea.

The abscondence of desperate people to Europe happen under inhuman conditions. A Tragedy, repeating itself every year. The European Union is approved taking advantage of it, as part of it’s murder refugee politics. Because in reality they do not even want to give rescue to those people.

There is a satellite transmission in Spain, where they are able to exactly observe, where the boats are arranged. They control, supervise, but don’t intervene. They don’t ask themselves, why do those people escape. From whom they escape.

Europe is still exploiting the resources of Africa and Asia. A good example would be Indochina. Indochina was once a French colony and France is still using a service of there resources of this nation. At the same time is France closing the boarders and forcing people to risk their lives by crossing illegal ways. This is in my eyes the problem with the European Union: On one hand they support and help revolutionists in desperate nations, on the other hand they claim to obdurate the boarders to refrain refugees.

And what is doing the politic? Sometimes it acts inhumane, sometimes humane. I feel like they focus on important points and discussions before elections, but only rarely intervene. But it has the power to spread antipathy against foreigners in our society. In my opinion parties, who include xenophobia in their election campaign, play with fire.

Widespread over Europe are many people, which in organisations or parties stand for human rights. It is our duty to keep in mind and apply for our human rights.

At a project, called School for life, I had the chance to get to know about the background of some migrants. I got in touch with thoughts, feelings and situations of migrants, who live in Austria. With this experience I grew up in loyalty and respect, what enriched my thinking. Such loyal acting, I wish to see from our state, the European Union and in the behave of the European Union in the face of all nations, because loyalty is based upon respect.

I’ve been noticing that society is very uninformed and as a result we get judgments like: “Foreigners are social parasites!” As a matter of fact, that is not right. People with “non Austrian” documents are paying to the country more as they are getting back and as a result they are co-financing our social help.

According to recent economic research institute study migrants contribute around 700 million euros to Austrian state treasury. Also foreign students are paying double taxes for education.

“Foreigners take our jobs!”

This is not true. Citizens of non EU countries are allowed to work just in case employer demands so because unemployed Austrian is unable to carry out the work. by law, percentage of non EU citizen’s employees, is not allowed to reach more then 8%. Following the massive dismissal of personnel employer must first dismiss migrants with working permit.

Every person is able to break those prejudices and encourage the next step to a better society.

The beauty of humanity is based upon the individuality of every human!

Hic bir insan illegal degil!
Nikt nie jest nielegalny!
Ninguem é ilegal!
No human is illegal!

Lena Kolter / EFAy Vice-president for Youth and Activism