Get Organised for Independence!



(More detailed information of the event will be provided during next weeks)
– See specific practicalities below –

Although Scotland was just short of a majority for independence, support increased from 20% to 45% in the space of two years against the full weight of the British establishment.

The backbone of the Yes movement was the grassroots volunteers who took the cause of independence to people in their own streets. The ground campaign for independence has been largely attributed to the overall success of the Yes movement and the continued success of the Scottish National Party.

Join EFAy in Glasgow, Scotland on January 2017 to learn from members of the Scottish independence movement and the SNP on how to mobilise a mass ground campaign.

Over the course of the training event, you will learn the basic techniques of campaigning, some of which are typical to the British Isles, including data collection and data analysis.

The event will also include prominent campaigners and key figures from the SNP as well as local branch organisers.

Attendees will get the opportunity to apply what they learn on the doorsteps of Glasgow with experienced, local activists.

If you’re interested and want to get organised for independence, then get in touch.

– Transport and acommodation will be covered
– A fee of 15€ will be required
– Necessity to belong to a member organisation in order to have the mentioned costs covered. Reimbursement also limited to 15 participants.
– Necessity to arrive on thursday and attend the whole session