The Fifth Republic is foundering. Let’s build something better.

Only 38 days after President Macron took office, his stellar government has already suffered a major blow: The Justice Minister Francois Bayrou and the European Affairs Minister Marielle de Sarnez (both members of the centrist party MoDem) have resigned because of a new case of “fake jobs” created by their party with funds coming from the European Parliament. These resignations arrive just after the resignation of the Minister of Territorial Cohesion Richard Ferrand, accused of abuse of his position to get legal enrichment of his wife and nepotism, and the resignation of the Defence Minister Sylvie Goulard, former member of MoDem also affected by the “MoDem fake jobs” case.

These resignations, despite being an important setback for Macron, should not represent a major problem since a new government has to be elected after the Legislative Elections. The irony -and also the problem- is that Bayrou was preparing the so called “Loi de Moralisation de la Vie Publique” (literally translated as “Public Life Moralisation Law”). To summarise, the guy who was drafting a law to tackle, among other things, the misuse and fraudulent use of public funds, has been accused of misuse and fraudulent use of public funds! In less than two months we have contemplated the astonishing rapidity and capacity of the French political system to regenerate and self-destroy, in a sort of schizophrenic vicious circle that every “quinquennat” spins faster.


Three nationalist MP’s out of four elected in Corsica, an Alsatian and a britton regionalists in the Legislatives second round, Basque regionalists achieving historical results, Britons and Occitans maintaining and even enlarging their electorate; something is slowly changing. The huge abstention and the increasing political defection of French citizens, show that not only the Fifth Republic is totally consumed, but that the founding pillars of France are increasingly contested: Centralism and endogamy of the ruling class. To contest this decadence, it’s necessary to build a popular and radically democratic movement that proposes a “transvaloration of values”. The “different” should no longer be the “danger” and the “provincial” should no longer be the “periphery”. In other words, diversity and devolution should be recognised and actively promoted.

Luckily this movement lead today by the “Régions et Peuples Solidaires” (R&PS) alliance has achieved its maturity. Now it’s time to go on the offensive.

Max Zañartu i Plaza

EFAy President