EFAy supports the Catalan referendum, and announces a delegation composed by over 50 young observers from all around Europe


EFAy, the alliance of young organisations and movements from the European stateless nations, regions and minorities reaffirms its support to the Catalan referendum on independence that will take place the next 1st of October

During the last weeks, after the approval of the Referendum Law and the Transition Law by the Catalan Parliament, the tension between Spanish and Catalan governments has increased. Rajoy’s cabinet is decided to play a chicken game with the Generalitat, denying all possible dialogue and deploying its judicial arsenal. Since, the 11th of September, the Catalan National Day, when more than a million of Catalans demonstrated for independence, Madrid has doubled its “attacks” to the referendum: Last Tuesday, Catalonia’s prosecution office, a branch of the Spanish one, ordered the Catalan police chief to confiscate ballot boxes and other material in order to prevent the referendum. Yesterday, Catalonia’s Attorney General also alleged that around 750 Catalan Mayors will have to declare over their participation on the referendum organisation, being arrested if they disobey. Furthermore, TV3, the Catalan public broadcaster was ordered not to broadcast about the referendum. Finally, a judge ordered yesterday to shut down the referendum website, even if some minutes later the website was cloned to a dozen of web domains (for instance https://www.ref1oct.cat/). We consider that some fundamental rights are not being respected, and we are shocked and angered by the silence maintained by the EU and most European states.

Considering the total degradation of democracy in Spain, and regarding the necessity of international solidarity, the European Free Alliance Youth announces a delegation of 50 young observers. This delegation will be composed of members of our affiliated organisations and some sister parties, and its goal will be to informally monitor the correct development of the voting. Since the pressure that the Spanish Government is putting to the referendum will undoubtedly increase, we consider it essential to develop this duty. EFAy champions for democracy and the respect of minorities, regions and stateless nations. Consequently the defence of the right of self-determination in Catalonia and all over the world constitutes a core value of our organisation.

Brussels, 14 September 2017