[JERC] The Youth of the Republican Left demands the proclamation of the Republic to be effective immediately

The Youth of the Republican Left (JERC) presented the campaign “Forward Republic” in order to demand the proclamation of the Catalan Republic, once the Spanish State has rejected the path of dialogue offered by the Catalan authorities and has triggered the procedures to apply article 155 of the Constitution in order to intervene the autonomy of Catalonia. In response to the Catalan offer to apply the results of the referendum on October 1st in a negotiated and agreed manner, the Spanish Government increased repression against the population and decided to imprison the leaders of the grass-root pro-independence organisations Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Omnium Cultural,bringing an scenario with political prisoners in Spain in the 21st century.
Faced with this refusal to dialogue and to find an agreed outcome to the political conflict between the people of Catalonia and the institutions of the State, the independentist youth considers that the Parliament of Catalonia must accelerate the planned deadlines and meet in the next days to defend the Catalan institutions through the proclamation of the Catalan Republic. 
We also consider that once the proclamation has been made, it will be necessary to call for the mobilization of all the citizens and especially the youth in order to defend the Republic, as well as to strenghten the Government of Catalonia with a concentration government that gathers all the broad spectrum of pro-sovereignty political forces.
In the coming days, it will also be essential to start the constituent process to define the bases of the country that we want, through the involvement of citizens and a broad representation of the civic and political organisations of Catalonia.

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