The final results of the referendum on Venetian autonomy came out late at night. 60% of Venetians have participated in the referendum (despite calls from many political parties to abstain and boycott the vote) with an incredible 98% vote in favour of autonomy. It is necessary to point out that this was a non-binding referendum, but one that will reinforce the position of the governor of Veneto to negotiate a better deal with the central government.


Please find here the official statement of our member party Sanca Veneta after the publication of the results: https://goo.gl/NEfE3B


Today’s results demonstrate how autonomy is a cause that unites the vast majority of Venetians. Not the voters of a party, but of the entire Venetian community .

Today’s success has only been possible thanks to the many progressive voters who, despite opposing the current regional government, have chosen to vote for autonomy and ignore the diktats to abstain by italian centre-left and left wing  parties.

Sanca was the only progressive force in favor of the referendum and self-government. Our work begins today. In the coming months, we expect a fundamental mission: to represent the voice of these citizens.

The number of YES votes gives us a tangible measure of the extent to which Venetians want a change. It is a collective action that can not be ignored.  

Today the pursue of self-government can no longer be considered folklore, selfishness, or closure. It means love for our own land, it is love for what we do and it is love for what we are. It means being fully responsible for our mistakes and aware that our involvement in political life can make the government of our territory better.

For Zaia the period of excuses and promises ends today. From tomorrow we will begin a new era that will have to bring about concrete results.

Sanca wants to be an active part of this process. But above all, we want at all costs that the left in Veneto gets rid of the torpor from which it has been driving. We scrutinise the actions of the Regional Council, we will push for an inclusive and solidarity autonomy , we will represent the voice of all those Venetians who believe in autonomy but feel far away from current regional policies. We want to do it by offering solid political content, and by putting our commitment to the service of all.

You can no longer abstain – an irony for those who have decided not to vote.

After the great step of today we believe it is necessary to make another, this time towards a new Venetian left.

We will continue to build it,  hard muzzle [but not too much] and bareta fracada – towards autonomy and beyond!