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We are glad to invite you to our new event in Lorient, Brittany co-organised between EFAy, UDB Yaounak and EFA the 8th to 10th of June.

Youth Agriculture and Local Economy (What agriculture for tomorrow?)  is a project that aims to provide an answer for all of the young people that are challenging with the impacts of globalisation, particularly those affecting economy and unemployment. A real grass-roots initiative, this event will be hosted by many young farmers in the area who will share the problems that they are facing with rural desertion, especially of young people, to the cities, and the lack of opportunities for young graduates to pursue their lives in a rural context. With this event we aim also to promote social and eco-friendly economy, in order to unite the quality of labour for producers and the quality of product of consumers.

We will also collect a participation fee of 30€ per person which can be payed in cash in the same event. EFAy and EFA will cover travels, meals and accommodation.

In order to REGISTER, please send an e-mail to: before 15th of May.

You can find further information in the following PROGRAMME:

Contributions from delegations:

Each delegation will be invited to produce an article on the situation of agriculture and farmers in their country and the prospects and attempts explored for the future. A first oral presentation will be given between the different delegations in Ploemeur on Friday 08 June so that participants can have a more open approach for the next two days. A debriefing workshop and joint work will take place on Sunday 10 June.

Organization of the Saturday 09 June:

It will take place in two round tables: Time will be given to the participants to ask questions to speakers.

Morning: from 10 a. m. to 12 a.m: We will try to understand the main problems of Brittany’s agriculture, but also in Europe and the whole world. Central questions may be asked such as:

– Impact on climate and the environment;

-The impact of globalization on agriculture and its consequences;

-Producer dependency on market pressure;

Afternoon: from 2 pm to 4 pm: Our morning thoughts will feed this second part focused on the “future of agriculture”. What can we foresee but also WANT and how to achieve it

– What kind of alternatives are possible? Geographical and quality labels? Bio? Reasoned? Permaculture? etc.

– Local production and participation in the world market are they compatible?

– How to facilitate the installation of new farmers for ensure the continuity of the activity and to be able to live decently from its work?

European Youth Workshop:

The young people of EFAy will be invited to go to a Breton farm and meet farmers in order to get acquainted with the reality on the ground.

Following this visit and the previous day’s debates, the young people of ALE will be invited to exchange in a workshop so that they can think about issues listed, and imagine practical suggestions that can be made in text.

If you have any more questions please contact:

​This project will be financed with funds of the European Parliament.