DECLARATION 5#: Freedom for the Catalan political prisoners




Bearing in mind that:

A. The Catalan aim of self-determination has been opposed by the Spanish Government. The fact that this right has been hindered with the use of violence and courts shows the thin division between justice and the government.

B. A huge majority of Catalan citizens support the celebration of an independence referendum in order to democratically decide the future of Catalonia, as it was seen the past 1st october, when 2,2 million people voted in the referendum convoked by the Catalan government.

C. The Spanish state has repeatedly opposed to open any kind of dialogue regarding this issue, even there have been many attempts by the Catalan government.

D. After the referendum held the 1st October, the repression of the Spanish state increased, via the implementation of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution and via the judicialization of politics.

E. Since the 17th October, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez (leader of Omnium Cultural and former leader of the ANC, respectively) have been imprisoned. Furthermore, since the 2nd November Oriol Junqueras, Vice President of Catalonia and leader of Esquerra Republicana, and Joaquim Forn, Home Secretary of the Government, are being held in prison. All of them are held in provisional prison, without trial, and because of their political ideology (as one magistrate, in fact, said).

F. ANC and Omnium are civil grassroots organisations which have organised several
demonstrations, always characterized by its peacefulness.

The European Free Alliance Youth declares that:

➢ The existence of political prisoners in Spain is shameful for the state as well as for the European Union of the 21st century and demands their immediate release.

➢ The silence of the European Union and its member states is unbearable and calls upon them to take a stance for democracy and for the release of the political prisoners.

➢ The Spanish oppression must end immediately, be it by the force or by the judicialization of politics.

➢ The application of the article 155 of the Spanish Constitution must end in order to return the self government to Catalonia.