DECLARATION 6#: Justice for the youth of Altsasu




Bearing in mind that:

On early hours of the 15th of October 2016, during the town festivals, a fight took place in a bar of Altsasu, between some local youth and some Guardia Civil officers and their partners.

After two young men are arrested that same night, and declare in front of the judge in Iruñea, they are set free awaiting for trial. Six more young men and women declare voluntarily on the court in Iruñea.

In early November, Judge Lamela of the Audiencia Nacional takes over the case, as she would like to accuse the young men and women of crimes such as terrorism and hate crimes.

The 14th of November 10 arrests are made, and the detainees are brought to court in Madrid, and are kept in prison in Madrid. The 20th December 2016, some of the detained youth are released, with three remaining in prison in Madrid until today.

The first reports written by the Foral Police (in charge for investigation) and the Guardia Civil clearly indicate that the bar fight was simply that, a bar fight, and that there is no evidence for crimes such as terrorism or hate crime.

The European Free Alliance Youth:

Asks for the immediate release of the three of Altsasu, kept at pre-trial detention in prisons in Madrid, hundreds of kilometers away from their families.
Demands that the accusations of terrorism and hate crimes are turned down, and that the case is judged as what it simply is, a bar fight.

Requests that the trial is held in Nafarroa, as it was originally the case, and not in the “Audiencia Nacional” (a special court in Madrid for severely harsh crimes such as terrorism).

Demands that all parts involved in the incident are summoned to court, and that it is inquired whether there was any provocation by the police officers.
Expects that the Spanish judiciary to provide a fair trial, with non-biased judges.
Urges Spain to move on from the previous decades, and to stop criminalizing the Basque youth, merely for their political ideas.

Supports the proposal that calls for the Guardia Civil and the Spanish National Police to quit the provinces of the Basque Country south of the border, with the Ertzaintza and the Foral Police taking full policing responsibilities in the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarre respectively.