MOTION 11#: EFAy supports Kurdistan’s fight for Freedom



Bearing in mind that:

For centuries, Kurdish people have suffered the oppression and denial by different regimes.

Currently are one of the largest, if not the largest, nation without a state for their own worldwide.

In the last decade, since the beginning of the Syrian civil war and the establishment of the so-called “daesh”, Kurdish people have fought against fascism and totalitarianism, and for the establishment of democratic and diverse societies in their homeland.
The hundreds of thousands of civilians who are forced to flee from the barbarism of Turkish State in Afrin are left to their own devices on the roads without any aid provided to them. Hundreds of thousands of civilians and especially women and children are facing a major humanitarian disaster.

The European Free Alliance Youth:

Calls to end to all arms deals and political partnerships with authoritarian regimes such as Turkey in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Calls to the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish invasion forces.

Calls for the Turkish State to be tried for their crimes perpetrated against humanity.

Calls the international humanitarian institutions to provide support for the people who had to flee from their homes in Afrin.

Recognises the brave fight by the YPG, YPJ, SDF and other Democratic Progressive Forces against fascism, which is currently incarnated in the form of the so-called “DAESH (ISIS)”.

Calls for international recognition of the will of the people of South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) which expressed itself in the results of the referendum held in 2017.

Calls for international support for and recognition of Rojava (officially known as the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria) as the only part in the Syrian conflict fully committed to the defeat of fascism and authoritarianism, and committed to the establishment of a democratic, ecological, gender equal and diverse society.

Particularly wishes to highlight the fights currently happening in Afrin, where Turkey (a NATO member) focuses its efforts on annihilating any Kurdish advancement, rather than fighting oppressive mentalities.

Urges for the release of Kurdish Peoples Leader Abdullah Ocalan and other thousands of political prisoners currently held in Turkey.

Urges the EU and its member states to remove the PKK from the list of terrorist organisations, stop criminalizing the Kurdish institutions and activists and actively support the YPG, YPJ, SDF and other Democratic Progressive Forces.