MOTION 5#: No geoblocking for online media



The European Council stopped geoblocking inside the European Union. However, at a time when online media such as e-books, music and TV series were already blocked. For minorities living outside their motherland it would be very important to have the opportunity to watch TV in their mothertongue or to listen to “native” music from “foreign” providers. Thanks to the numerous possibilites of the internet, the situation of linguistic minorities in Europe has been approving. Once geoblocking totally disappears, this means another step forward towards a united Europe also opening up new possibilities for companies.

Bearing in mind that:

Watching TV in one’s mothertongue and listening to “native” music from foreign providers is very important for minorities living outside their motherland;
Europe is growing together faster thanks to an internet without state borders;
an internet without borders opens up new possibilities for companies;
there are no technical reasons for geoblocking.

The European Free Alliance Youth:

1. Welcomes the small steps taken in order to end geoblocking, but deeply regrets that they do not go anywhere near far enough, with all digital content being excluded from the current regulation.

2. Calls on the European Commission and the European Parliament to support a much more ambitious and comprehensive geoblocking regulation when it is next reviewed by the European Commission by the end of 2020.

3. Recognises that putting an end to geoblocking is a vital part of creating a true European Single Market, and that every citizen should have equal access to culture and media across borders.