MOTION 6#: Standardized shipping costs

Cardboard boxes

More and more people are buying their goods in online shops. If the goods are delivered from the same country where the customer lives, normally, the shipping costs are free or there is a low standard price. If the online shop is in a foreign country, the shipping costs may be high, depending on which shipping company handles the shipment, and also depending on the size and weight of the packages. In this regard, each shipping company has its own pricing policy.

Bearing in mind that:

Pricing of the delivery of cross-border parcel can be prohibitively expensive, inconsistent, and not transparent non standardized sizes of goods can cause confusion and perhaps additional costs for customers, shipping companies might take advantage of the confusion of the customers.

The European Free Alliance Youth:

Welcomes the regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services recently adopted by the European Parliament which:

a. Provides greater clarity to consumers on pricing and the exact nature of the service

b. Requires service providers of cross-border parcel delivery services to provide information (e.g. turnover, number of parcels, number and status of employees of service providers, etc.) annually to the relevant national authority in order to get a better picture of this rapidly-growing sector