WOMEN AND MINORITIES NETWORK – First Meeting in Glasgow 25/8/18

Next 4th of August we will held the first meeting of the WOMEN AND MINORITIES NETWORK in Glasgow, Scotland hosted by our me0325e35f-9843-4bed-a925-76d6f1335302mber party SNP youth. This initiative, which was born after a debate in our last GAs in Corsica and Katowice, mandating the Bureau to create an informal network of women from different stateless nations, minorities and indigenous peoples of Europe, has the aim of building a safe and empowering environment to discuss gender policies within EFAy.
The WMN network will allow us to share, discuss, propose and champion different women and gender policies related to stateless nations, regions and minorities and bring them into action by proposing them to EFAy.
Our objective is to make these gatherings the inspiring and know-how source of women and gender policies of our organisation, while at the same time we keep it loose and flexible enough in order to include all tendencies and views from as many minorities as possible, and not directly related to our party.
This meeting will be part of a wider event organised by the SNP youth the same dates (4-5th August) revolving on related issues such as gender policies and LGBT Rights. For the meeting of Women and Minorities Network, which will be female-only, we aim to invite the Gender or Women Officers of our member parties or in case that is not possible, a woman that has a similar task or has some expertise on the issue (one per member party). We will cover their travels and accommodations to Glasgow, from the 3rd to the 6th in case they want to attend the complete event. 
Although the Women and Minorities Network is a female-only meeting, the wider event organised by the SNP youth, will welcome everyone interested in these topics. In case we would still have some budget, the EFAy Bureau will consider to cover as well the travels and accommodation of people (regardless of sex, gender or political position) that could be interested to attend it. You will receive more information on the programe of this activity in the upcoming days.