We are meeting in Venice!


In November 29, EFAy’s Extraordinary General Assembly will take place in Venezia, Veneto.

Under the moto “Rethinking Europe” EFAy will gather their members to talk about the current problems in Europe, such as the increase of eurosceptic movements or the populist far-right speech, and will build together a strategy to stop these phenomena in Europe.

From Sanca Veneta’s hand, the hosting organization member of EFAy, the delegates will also be able to understand the terrible consequences of tourism and gentrification in Veneto.

Finally, the assembly will target the future challenges that young people in Europe will face. In this sense, EFAy will rethink the European current model to walk towards the “Europe of the Peoples”, a more democratic, socially fairer and respectful Europe for the XXI century, and would work on the 2019 European Elections Manifesto.

We are #RethinkingEurpe… See you in Venice!