EFAy takes part in the Yen-Easter Seminar in Transylvania

On the 12th-19th April 2019 our partner Yen (Youth of European Nationalities) held their Easter-seminar “Speak up” in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfantu Gheorghe in Transylvania. Besides young people from minorities in all over Europe we participated as well as an active participant during the week and a guest on the last day, where the official General Assembly of Yen was held. In different workshops the participants learned to think critically, to use the medias correctly and how to defend their rights, all related to minorities issues. The outcome of these workshops got presented to different politicians and members of the European Youth Council and issues related to youth participation and minority rights all around Europe were discussed. On excursion-day the participants got a glimpse of the traditional way of living in Transylvania by visiting an old farm, where a traditional Transylvanian meal got served, and discovering the surroundings.

We say thank you to our partner Yen for taking care of us and are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with this European minority organization.