EFAy participates at the Study Session “CONTRAPUNCTUS EUROPEUS – European Youth Against Populism and Xenophobia”


Last 22nd of June we attended in the European Youth Centre in Budapest a study session organized by Alliance and YEN, with the aim of tackling discrimination, racism, and xenophobia.

During the week we learned great tools in how to fight hate speech, and populism among others. It is good to remind ourselves that nobody is born being a racist; these prejudices are planted in our heads through fear and hate.

Europe has been struggling with several major issues in recent years, including the increased displacement of people, as so many people see themselves forced to look outside their countries for better opportunity. Many learn that they are seen as trouble when they arrive and the rise of xenophobia and intolerance in our societies is scary. We see more extreme parties playing the xenophobic card, examples like VOX in Spain, the Brexit Party in the UK or Lega in Italy, these are the reasons why these study sessions are so important, as they are creating division, fear and hate in our society, and we sometimes some forget that we are all humans after all.

In this week we have not only learned tools and knowledge but we have also debated the lack of possibilities and motivation of young people to participate and to engage with politics. This resonates with what our manifesto for the European elections stated. Young people need to get more politically involved.

As those at the forefront of our future society, young people must play prominent roles as both the targets and the decision-makers of political policies. This is why the European Free Alliance, through its youth branch, EFAy, is highly committed to ensuring full opportunities for young people and to increasing their participation in society.” Section 10 in our Manifesto, Empowering Young people.

As EFAy we stand against all kind of discrimination, we stand with minorities, and we will support what’s best for Europe, and we are also working to make it a more inclusive and open space, a Europe of all peoples.

A Europe of all peoples is a Europe that makes no distinction between peoples, without creating categories or second-class citizens. The EFA wants another Europe, a different Europe, which recognises the universality of all people as well as their distinct identities.” Section 2 in EFA manifesto, A Europe of all peoples.