EFAy participates in the Catalan National Day

On the 11th of September, a delegation of EFAy activists visited Barcelona to participate on the events organised on the Catalan National Day. Youngsters from Euskal Herria, Galiza and Scotland took part in a rally organised by Jovent Republicà, and in the traditional lunch organised by ERC, along with many other delegates representing the European Free Alliance. During the afternoon, the delegates had also the opportunity to participate in the massive pro-independence demonstration organised by the Catalan civil society (ANC & Omnium).

The European Free Alliance Youth renews its commitment with the right to the self-determination of the Catalan people, with its struggle against repression, and in favour of the acquittal of the political prisoners and the return of the exiles. EFAy, as a European youth organisation representing stateless nations, regions and minorities, will continue denouncing the political situation of Catalonia and defending a political solution.