EFAy co-organises a conference in the Basque Country

On the 21st of September, EFAy and Gazte Abertzaleak co-organised the conference “Injustice & democracy in the south of Europe” in the Basque town of Zumaia. In the same weekend as the mother party of Gazte Abertzaleak, Eusko Alkartasuna, was organising its yearly “Alkartasun Eguna”, the youths of EFAy and Gazte came together to discuss about the current status of the judiciary system in the south of Europe, most notably focusing on Basque and Catalan cases where the judicial system has not complied with European standards.

One of the founding principles of the European Union was to bring democracy and fair justice to all peoples of Europe. Nowadays, decades after countries in the south of Europe joined the EU, we still see characteristics of an unfair justice that need to be tackled by Brussels, considering the inaction of member states on this issue. The European Free Alliance youth renews its commitment to demand a fair, transparent and accountable judicial system for all peoples of the European Union.