Valentina Servera Clavell

EFAy President
Representing Young Scots for Independence (Alba/Scotland)
Maylis Rossberg

Maylis Roßberg

EFAy Secretary General
Representing SSWUngdom (Danish Minority in Germany)
Lisandru Bizzarri

Lisandru Bizzarri

EFAy Treasurer
Representing PNC Ghjuventù (Corsica)
Maxence Helfrich

Maxence Helfrich

EFAy Vice-President representing Jeunes Unser Land (Alsace)

Pol Ibos

EFAy Vice-President
Representing Jovent Republicà (Països Catalans/The Catalan Countries)

Lluc Sirvent García

EFAy Vice-President
Representing Joves PV (País Valencià/The Valencian Country)

Diego Cavallaro

EFAy Vice-President
Representing Sanca Veneta (Vèneto)

Member Organisations

Statutes & Rules of Procedure


Decision making bodies

General Assembly: The General Assembly has the power to take all decisions, relating to the EFAY. All other issues that do not bound the organisation by law or by the organisations own statutes to the General Assembly fall to the responsibility of the Bureau. The General Assembly is held once every year and only appointed delegates from the full member organisations have the right to vote.

Bureau: The bureau is composed of 8 representatives from full member organisations. It has the authority to take the everyday decisions of the organisation and manages the general functioning of the organisation as whole. The appointed delegates at the General Assembly elect the 8 representative organisations of the Bureau and elections take place once every two years. Each organisation will send one representative to Bureau meetings. The Bureau meets twice a year.

EFAY is formed of 31 youth organisations (attached to EFA member parties) from 29 different regions/nations in 14 European states.

Affiliation to EFAY

Observers: The observers are the organisations who have applied for the first time to join EFAY. These organisations are ‘observers’ for at least one year or until they ask to become full members. They have no voting rights in the EFAY General Assembly.

Full members: The full members are the organisations who have been observers for one year or more or those who have applied to be full member after this one year period. The General Assembly decides whether an observer should be accepted as a full member. Full members have full voting rights at the General Assembly

Friends: These are individuals or organisations of a European or non European country that subscribe to the political programme, the philosophy and the statutes of EFAY. As such, an individual or organisations status is a ‘Friend of the EFAY’. To become a ‘Friend of the EFAY’ a request must be sent to the EFAY secretariat.

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