2014 Political Manifesto Foreword

On 25 May 2014, the European people will elect their Members of the European Parliament. During this campaign, the European Free Alliance youth (EFAy) will defend, support and promote its manifesto, ideas and projects to radically change and profoundly reform the European Union (EU) towards a space based on solidarity between peoples and free citizens. The European people will have to make crucial choices for the EU in the near future to ensure that there will still be one. But the young generation will have to take part and be active in this process if it wants to have its future in its own hands.

Our generation is regularly called the ‘‘Generation Europe’’ because we were born in a war-free zone, the European Union, with a free movement area, the Schengen area, with the possibility to have exchanges through the Erasmus programme. While it is true that we are the future of Europe, we are much more than that: we don’t want to be the future of Europe we want to make it!

Our generation is also the ‘‘Lost Generation’’ because we are facing an unprecedented financial, economic, social, environmental and democratic crisis in Europe and it has even more dramatic impacts on youngsters: leaving them far from the educational system which becomes more and more expensive; leaving them far from the labour market through an unacceptable and unprecedented unemployment rate in the young generation, or by giving to them mainly short-term unstable and underpaid jobs. While we are suffering from the crisis and paying an unacceptable share of it, we don’t want to be passive about it: we want to change radically the European Union to make it fairer, better and safer for every single EU youngster, for every single citizen, for every single EU person.

But above all, our generation is mainly the ‘‘Generation Self-determination’’ because we believe in the basic and fundamental human right which is the right of self-determination. And for the very first time in 2014 and beyond, European stateless nations, regions and minorities will have the right to express their democratic will on the democratic structures they want to live in. While the future of our peoples is in our hands, we don’t want to create a competition amongst European peoples, but we want to build a subsidiarity-based European Union, the ‘‘Europe of peoples’’.

Because we are fundamentally pro-European, while contesting the current undemocratic and imbalanced structure of the EU, we believe and we fight for a simultaneous and massive transfer of competences from member states to both supra-state level (EU level) and sub-state level (stateless nations, regions and minorities) as the right answer to continue building a better, safer and fairer European Union while primarily respecting the democratic will of European peoples.

Building the ‘‘Europe of peoples’’ is our project for the European elections 2014. Because we are deeply convinced that the diversity which unites us is our greatest source of strength!

‘‘Generation self-determination’’ stand up and fight for your people and your Europe! Fight for and vote for the ‘‘Europe of peoples’’!

Roccu Garoby, EFAy President

Photo of EFAy President Roccu Garoby

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